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18th February 2024

Mr Samarendra Mishra’s gaze swept across the bustling activity of his Odisha farmlands. Pride mingled with a sense of accomplishment – just a few years ago, Kenko Eggs wrestled with dwindling profits, the limitations of local markets, and an industry ripe for disruption. The partnership with TRST01 and its transformative traceability technology TRST01Chain changed all that. Today, OVO Farm, the parent company of Kenko Eggs produces an astonishing one million eggs daily, with unwavering precision and consumer trust at its core.

From humble beginnings to industry trailblazers, the Ovo journey is punctuated by the strategic use of the latest technologies. While tablets are now a familiar sight amongst Ovo’s farmworkers, it’s what happens when each hen lays an egg that demonstrates true innovation. The assignment of a unique QR code sets in motion a cascade of events that have forever reshaped the way Kenko Eggs, its retailers, and its customers interact.

The Kenko Difference: It’s All in the Details

Beneath the seemingly familiar exterior of an Kenko egg lies a wealth of information, made accessible through a simple scan. It’s this interplay between the physical egg and the digital ecosystem it triggers that exemplifies the Kenko difference:

Precision Farming 2.0: The QR code on that eggshell isn’t simply a tracking number; it unlocks detailed production data that informs the entire OVO Farm’s operation. Flock health indicators are tracked alongside individual egg data. Imagine OVO Farm identifying a slight decrease in shell thickness in a specific henhouse — with this technology, targeted adjustments can be made to feed or environments, optimizing output and bird welfare with remarkable precision.


Intelligent Warehousing: Within OVO Farm’s warehouses, smart pallet licensing plates integrate seamlessly with forklifts, their web application, and Focus ERP. Inventory errors – a constant challenge in the industry – have been virtually eliminated. This precision ensures consistently full shelves for retailers, bolstering both customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Consider adding a tangible example – perhaps OVO Farm reduced stock errors by a specific percentage, contributing to an overall sales increase across stores.


The Empowered Consumer: Scanning an egg carton doesn’t merely reveal a production date or place of origin. It establishes a link between Kenko Eggs and their conscientious shoppers. Every scan reinforces the company’s commitment to ethically driven production and full transparency. Kenko can track which regions show particular interest in Kenko’s story, guiding targeted marketing campaigns.


Ovo’s Ecosystem of Benefits

OVO Farm’s investment in traceability and TRST01Chain’s solutions generates benefits at every point in the supply chain:

Food Safety First: OVO Farm recognizes their inherent responsibility in providing healthy, reliable products. Traceability is their greatest ally. In the rare instance of a food safety alert, pinpointing affected batches instantly not only limits exposure but also demonstrates a level of accountability the industry desperately needs. OVO Farm could even have an anecdote demonstrating their preparedness on this front.


Efficiency = Sustainability: Optimized transportation planning, fueled by real-time inventory visibility, results in smarter route mapping and reduces OVO Farms carbon footprint. Data shows OVO Farm has decreased deliveries by 5 number of miles each week – showcasing both cost savings and their commitment to a greener future.

The Power of Data Storytelling: The sheer volume of data generated offers insights far beyond day-to-day operations. Perhaps Ovo’s system pinpoints an increase in demand for brown eggs during specific festivals—this allows them to proactively adjust production or marketing strategies. Analyzing their digital feedback loop lets them identify successful packaging tweaks or regional flavor preferences. This data-driven agility has been essential to Ovo surpassing competitors who rely on more traditional approaches.


Ovo’s Vision: A Roadmap for the Industry

Kenko Eggs by OVO Farm isn’t simply improving efficiency and consumer confidence; they’re demonstrating the potential of a tech-infused food revolution. Their case study highlights why data-driven transparency should be the industry standard, proving that it fuels consumer trust, creates more sustainable practices, and propels innovation on a grand scale.


Founder’s Vision: Where Odisha Meets Global Ambition

“At face value, an Kenko Egg may not seem so different. Dig deeper, and the power of our commitment becomes obvious,” says Mr. Samarendra Mishra. “From our beginnings in Balangir, Western Odisha, we’re leading by example, showing the world what true collaboration between responsible farming and technology can achieve.”

Mr Mishra’s initial decision to establish Ovo Farm in a relatively rural location with limited infrastructure was met with scepticism. The company’s unwavering focus has turned Balangir into a symbol of progress, now recognized as one of India’s top egg hubs. With expansions into the Middle East and Africa, the reach of the Ovo revolution continues to grow.

Blockchain & TRST01Chain: Transparency Reassured

“Modern consumers aren’t just choosing eggs; they’re evaluating our story,” explains Mr. Mishra. “Blockchain enables us to lay bare our production methods, our respect for animal welfare, and our promise of quality with absolute certainty.” A feature like printing the production date directly on the Kenko eggshell in food-grade ink may seem minute, but it builds brand loyalty unlike any marketing campaign ever could.

Now an enthusiastic backer of TRST01Chain, Kenko Eggs by OVO Farm has witnessed firsthand how their solutions are revolutionizing the industry. In just one year, they’ve optimized inventory management to an unprecedented level while driving significant gains in customer satisfaction. Beyond operational benefits, blockchain allows storytelling on a verifiable platform, creating a direct connection between the brand and its consumers.

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