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Paradigm Shift in ESG

The shift towards ESG principles in business emphasizes sustainability, ethical practices, and societal impact over mere profit. This paradigm involves integrating ESG into corporate strategies, enhancing risk management, and prioritizing stakeholder inclusivity, driving companies to contribute positively to global challenges.

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EUDR Compliance in Indian Trade

TRST01Chain is instrumental for Indian industries, particularly coffee, rubber, and leather, in adapting to the EU’s Deforestation Regulation. With India exporting 57% of its coffee, comprising 70% robusta and 30% arabica beans, worth over $600 million annually, and being the fifth-largest natural rubber producer, sending 25% of its exports ($800 million) to the EU, compliance is crucial. The EU also accounts for 30-40% of India’s leather exports, valued at $1.5 billion. TRST01Chain aids these industries in tracing deforestation-free sources within their complex supply chains.

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