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Digital Transformation

27 Dec 2021, Digital Transformation 

A transformation is nothing but a dramatic change, which is here to stay. It starts with a willingness to adapt to a ‘Change” and becomes part of life. Digital transformation is one aspect in India that we have witnessed for the last couple of years. The core to this transformation is access to affordable data and access to technology such as 4G. This revolution had made my seventy-two-year-old mother a more mobile geek than my teenage son when she glued to her social network and rediscovered her skills in writing. This is one of the positive aspects of transformation, and there are many examples. Technology has enlightened us we don’t have to go office to work, so kids don’t have to go to school for education.

It is not that a qualification is essential to understand, use and adapt technology as part of life. Instead, it is with the hands of these technology enablers to make it robust yet simple and easy for adaption. Innovation makes sense when it has the transformational effect(s). The transformation process becomes an enabler when the accessibility technology comes out of the Tag of “Exclusive” — Technology for All. Indeed now is time to coin a new word, “Technology- Democratisation.” In the era of Technology-Democratisation, Exclusivity will always fail. 

Rapid digital transformation is possible in a global few pockets because of the global crisis; this could be the only positive aspect of the pandemic. We are now more aware of how we live and the food we eat. The increased awareness due to the pandemic also provides tech startups with an enormous opportunity to create newer innovations and exciting tech companies to renew their offerings. 

In recent years, India has been witnessing a revolution in digital transformation. The digital adaptation is more at the bottom of the pyramid. A daily bread earner, a small trader, has direct access to the digital wallet and benefits from technology enablement. Digital transformation is making common people more agile, making them economically empowered.

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