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Agri Traceability

15 April 2021   |    Blockchain, Traceability

Traceability systems from farms to forks has become an essential task for the Agri and food industry. Traceability has emerged as one of the critical operational efficiencies within supply chains to achieve global food security. It plays a crucial role and has become more acute in the modern supply chains to ensure safety, sustainability and ethical production. There is no better way of guaranteeing safety, quality, and uniformity of products to the consumer, apart from bundling traceability with quality assurance, that can deliver more values in the entire supply chain management.

Supply Chain Visibility (The Key to First & Last-Mile Delivery Optimization)

In industry 4.0, the last mile is getting faster, more efficient, and more effective than ever. It is about time the first mile gets involved through the combination of live shipment tracking, advanced analytics, and a collection of mobile and ICT devices in fostering supply chain transparency, end-to-end visibility, superior customer service, and better cost control.

Increase in trust and provision of additional information

The inclusion of traceability in the purview of food production and distribution has proven beneficial for all stakeholders. Consumers are now free from the limited information provided by conventional labelling models and gain deeper insights about the product, such as production and handling methods. The rise in the volume and quality of information has worked wondrously in promoting buyer trust and dependability.


The Agri sector has increased the relevance of infrastructure development for value addition, certification for quality and food safety, and standard quality promotion. Blockchain technology can also help rebuild affected supply chains by providing trading partners and consumers with

trusted and secured data on goods and transactions. These emerging technology interactions and interfaces will help connect farmers and consumers with various markets, which subsequently builds transparency and trust in the value chain.

TRST01 Solutions Approach

Research suggests that traceability and authentications provide opportunities for collaboration of Emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, and offer solutions and opportunities in the various sectors of Industry 4.0. The current problems associated with emerging economies and trading practises are multifaceted; however, critical issues can be grouped into the following:


TRST01 platform

TRST01 platform by ETgarage will help Agri value chains tracing food origin and chain of custody to monitor ethical and sustainable practices used in growing food. Blockchain-based traceability platform is going to be the most critical technology to ensure food safety. This would provide food businesses, regulatory bodies and consumers all the information they need to ensure food safety. (which augments the food ecosystem’s complete transformation in diverse sectors such as fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, organic products, textiles-based products, flavours and fragrances, spices and condiments, medicinal, exotic and aromatic varieties, etc.)

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