Footprint ESG Reporting and Scorecard

Footprint, a robust ESG Reporting and Scorecard tool leveraging Blockchain and AI, evaluates a company’s overall value beyond just financial performance. It takes into account a company’s impact on the environment, its community involvement, and its governance practices. Footprint helps ascertain a company’s worth and contributions to society while also positively impacting their triple bottom line.

Footprint Enterprise : The Future of ESG Compliance

Footprint’s Enterprise version elevates ESG reporting by blending AI and blockchain for unmatched transparency and real-time accuracy. Tailored for diverse business structures, it ensures global compliance, streamlining sustainability efforts for modern enterprises

Industry specific content and supply chain reporting

One standout feature of Footprint is its ability to offer industry-specific content, allowing for a tailored arrangement of materiality topics.

Additionally, Footprint incorporates a powerful supply chain management reporting tool, enabling companies to track and report their suppliers’ ESG performance and gain a comprehensive view of their supply chain sustainability practices.

ESG reporting, Scorecard with Blockchain & AI

The Footprint ESG Reporting and  Scorecard’s ground breaking ‘Fourth Dimension’, Technological Impact, evaluates a company’s technology utilization, ethical tech implications, and digital transformation readiness. It utilizes advanced analytics, machine learning algorithms, and big data for comprehensive ESG performance assessment, incorporating real-time and proprietary data for more precise evaluations. Its β (beta) feature measures risk exposure to market movements, uniquely fine-tuned to capture industry and country-specific risks, creating a distinct edge over conventional models.

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India is committed to cutting emissions by 45% from 2005 levels by 2030, aligning with the Paris Climate Agreement. Leading corporations like Vedanta, Aditya Birla Group, and Reliance Industries, targeting net-zero emissions by 2035, are championing this initiative. With new regulations in place, India’s top 1000 companies must disclose ESG results, and plans are underway for supply chain ESG reporting. Additionally, SEBI is considering a tailored ESG rating framework for India’s distinct market needs.

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