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07 Oct. 2022 | Innovation | Web3.0 

Innovation is vital as it provides the ability to stand out in the ecosystem. Today’s world heavily relies on Innovation, as older solutions cannot solve the new age problem statement. 

A McKinsey study finds that 84% of executives say their future success depends on Innovation. Although Innovation is not buzzword anymore, there are many reasons why successful startups focus on this.

Innovation allows companies to stay relevant in the competitive market The ability to resolve critical problems depends on innovations; we need it more than ever.

Pivot and Innovation go together, and pivot is essential to make us stand out. We at TRST01 started our journey focusing on use cases in Agriculture, Food and providing Blockchain solutions on end-to-end traceability. The natural pivot of adding climate change. Climate cannot be exclusive. Climate, Agriculture and Food are the most significant problem for Humanity in Today’s world. Climate change threatens our ability to ensure global food security, eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development, and Innovation is the key to addressing these challenges.

Innovation is no more just a Buzzword, and often It takes time to translate Innovation into an organisation’s growth. What started as an Idea in the year 2019, creating a tech platform to address the critical challenges of traceability, pivoted to the creation of three interdependent tech stacks in dMRV(Digital Measurement, Reporting, Verification) web2 (applications) and web3 (on-chain)capabilities, creating discoverable opportunities for Climate Actions. Addressing the more significant global challenges. 

Creativity is one of the critical components of Innovation. Creativity and Innovation may sound synonymous, but both are not the same. Creativity fosters unique Ideas. Innovation serves multiple purposes; it combats stagnation and facilitates growth and Innovation.

Innovation can be a product, a business process, a new service line, a redesigned business flow, strategies or a combination of these. Moreover, we need to innovate our thought processes.

Innovation is the key to TRST01 and has helped us mitigate unforeseen and invertible business and accelerate our business growth. Innovation has enabled us adaption and evolution and separated us from others.

At TRST01, Innovation is the key to our success; we focus on innovating agile methodologies and creating values for Global challenges on climate adaptation and resilience initiatives, addressing challenges of agriculture and food. We innovate towards creating resilience by advancing critical adaptation initiatives through digital transformation and making them available for Global consumption.

TRST01 Business Philosophy and Innovation
As the technology ecosystem is evolving fast, specifically in the emerging technology, implementing a proper Technology Innovation Strategy is our critical aspect. New-age emerging technology must proactively provide digitally permanence and auditability those address stakeholders value-addition in each step. TRST01 specialises in helping companies develop robust new-age emerging technology-enabled solutions best suited for organisations’ specific business needs. TRST01 acknowledge the philosophy of Technology and Innovation should reach the commoner, and technology should benefit ordinary people. Trust, Transparency and Traceability are not exclusive to a few.


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