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Vaccine Delivery Proof of Immunity

15 December 2020  Healthcare

Proof of Immunity: “an intuitive idea based on technology that provides proof of receiving vaccine a reality.”

Technological advances in immunology, protein design, and genetic delivery have unlocked new possibilities for vaccine concepts and delivery technologies that were previously inaccessible. There is currently intense research activity aimed at the development of new delivery systems for vaccines. There are examples around the world, including few pilot projects where all the healthcare data services are transferred to a futuristic digital system called Blockchain which is secure, easily accessible, and introduces accountability to the healthcare system.

Benefits: In fact, Blockchain can be applied across many functions in healthcare namely, neuroscience, EHR medical, genomics medicine, biomedicine, clinical trials, vaccine supply and traceability (along with IoT can help in better tracking) in the pharma industry. The benefits derived through blockchain usage in vaccine administration are:

The traceability aspect of Blockchain offers many compelling use cases, particularly amidst a crisis like COVID-19. While it may be uncertain at this time what percentage of the population will initially seek the COVID-19 vaccine, there may be an overwhelming demand for this vaccine on a level not seen in recent times. Manufacturers will be working hard to meet any sizable demand, and distributors will be fighting to acquire the product for their customers on priority. After initial distribution, the anticipation for higher demand may continue for many months.

Need of the Hour: Vaccine effectiveness is a combination of vaccine efficacy and field conditions such as coverage, immune status of the population, and conditions under which the vaccine was administered.

ETgarage is in the process of building a solution that enables a trusted authentication process, to create more efficiencies for healthcare practitioners and officials, in delivery of vaccine and management of related digital health records.


Is Blockchain Key to COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution?.

Written and complied by Prateek Bebortha, Business analyst, ETgarage


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