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Student Academic Life Cycle and Blockchain

9 September 2021  | Blockchain, Emerging Tech, Traceability

A Student’s relationship with the Educational institute or university starts from aspiration to education and, in most or few cases, begins as early as Schooling, continue with Graduation and Higher Education. There is a high scope for collaboration with universities and other specialized courses that need proof of the former association.

Technology has evolved multi-fold, and the world has adopted a technology-led education system; emerging technologies have the power to assimilate, archive and share access to the requested information.

Credentials are an essential element in a modern economy. As the economy progresses, it utilizes efficient and effective credential infrastructure. As we move towards an increasingly digitized workplace environment, it has become of utmost importance and necessity to quickly and securely prove a person’s identity and credentials. Today’s workforce and employment heavily depend on proof of identity and verified credentials in KYC and Educational and employment validation.

Blockchains are already changing the economic landscape and still can significantly impact the education sector in the present times. As trust in Blockchain grows, we are starting to see major educational institutions drift towards blockchain-enabled solutions. Blockchain provides the technical infrastructure to store and manage students documents and certificates reliably. Blockchain records are kept permanently, so various important and related documents can be secured and verified, regardless of whether or not a user has access to an institution’s record-keeping system. Rather than storing the student identity document, the blockchain network stores information(hash) about that document which is immutable, time-stamped, and transparent.

Potential applications of blockchain solutions in the education sector through universities include

Scope of Work: Student Journey mapping & Certificate Verification- The entire student journey (complete student database) from application to course commencement, to daily attendance, to the course completion, post-graduate studies, alumni participation, to employment, evolves over several years. The continual record of this engagement provides an invaluable understanding and record of the student life journey. Blockchain offers near-instantaneous delivery of information with the security that the required documentation is genuine. The entire proposed TRST01 platform would enable the issue of recipient-owned digital records and Blockchain secured, which means that students/candidates can now build their lifelong record of achievement from across institutions and share those records directly with other stakeholders/authorities when needed. Those who need to verify these records, like employers, can instantly know that the official record is trustworthy (upon blockchain enabled-QR scanner), therefore streamlining the entire process for everyone involved.

TRST01 Solution: The key parties required to be involved in the Blockchain-enabled QR code certification/credentials verification ecosystem is: Accreditation / Certifying entity (Universities, Educational Institute ( College/ Institute / University ) and providers (TRST01) of such solutions. The Blockchain-based platform enables the following key features:

Documents to be securely placed for only authorized verifications and matchmaking with the central designated repository (Permanent and Secured Verification)
Blockchain Impact/Benefit:
Access of data for verification of data with authorized credentials

Instant Access to alumni network globally increasing the valuation and ranking of the university/institute, which is a continuous process to adhere to.

In summary, educational records managed by Blockchain technology stimulate the knowledge/reward principle, which makes credentials more trustworthy and keeps academic records safe and easy to access. TRST01 would want to continuously strive forward and deliver upon TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, TRACEABILITY in a continuous effort to transform the education sector fundamentally.

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