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ESG Reporting Tool

Footprint by TRST01

FootPrint by TRST01 assists businesses in developing the digitized ESG Reporting Tool and Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report India  (BRSR India)FootPrint by TRST01 follows 2021 GRI, SASB, TCFD, and CDP with linkage to the 17 UNSDGs to monitor, measure, and disclose performance in environmental, social, and governance area.

The 21st Century definition of Sustainability refers to the co-existence of Earth’s biosphere and human civilization and the interconnected domains of environment, economy, and society.


Achieving Sustainability Traceability

Traceability in sustainability is critical because it ensures transparency and accountability in the supply chain, facilitating the identification of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts at each stage of a product’s lifecycle. It enables businesses and consumers to make informed decisions based on the sustainability performance of products, promoting ethical sourcing, responsible production, and consumption. Furthermore, it can help companies identify and manage risks, improve efficiency, and build trust with stakeholders, thereby contributing to the broader goals of sustainable development. Read more

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TRST01 Blockchain Platform

TRST01 (Trust O One) Blockchain platform integrates with the existing enterprise system using API to get the specific information and publish it on Blockchain. The platform ensures all data points in the supply chain to be securely stored and accessed. In the end, the customers can scan the QR using their mobile phones and get the information from the origin to the end-user.