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01 Oct. 2022 | Climate Change | Climate Action| Web3.0 

Consulting is the aspect of knowledge that one delivers. Knowledge is a must for consultation, and knowledge comes from exploration and experience. With a focus on Innovation, TRST01 consulting aims to create value for the clients through digital transformation advancing Climate Adaptation and Resilience. Innovation is the introduction to the use of Ideas and Methodologies. TRST01 Innovation consulting generate value for customers by defining Growth and Business Sustainability. TRST01 focus on innovating agile methodologies and creating values for climate adaption and resilience initiatives.

We have the most excellent learning from the Global pandemic that Growth cannot be exclusive, and development should be nature-inclusive and conscious-driven. The more we are aware of our surroundings and environment, the more responsible we are for Nature and the more Knowledgeable we are. NOW is the time to define our responsibility toward Nature, toward Climate. Climate Action is no more corporate responsibility. As an Individual, we have a more significant role to play. Innovative collective action creates Global Awareness.

At TRST01, we create differentiation with a holistic approach with new agile methodologies involving new values, principles, practices, and benefits. The self-governance Innovation team use to accelerate new products and processes, and Innovation is what agile is all about.

Why embrace Agile Methodology?
The agile methodology has been applied to software development and IT. But easily implemented in a startup and increases Autonomy. An agile approach is in a fixed state of reassessment, providing a perfect ground for resolving impediments through experimentation. 

It is not about a top-down approach, instead resting the responsibility with a self-organising team with greater Autonomy. This is a perfect tool for management to avoid micromanaging and focus more on strategy.

Mistakes and wrong turns will inevitably occur in the process, but these are the points of agile Innovation. The focus is on reassessing and correcting these errors quickly and with minimal impact, as we continue to grow.

TRST01 new dimension “Consulting” on climate change, welcoming new ideas re-aligning the Innovation and Approach methodologies, Creating more unique digitisation opportunities on Climate Action, moreover creating a Global Carbon Consciousness

Global efforts to slow climate change are promising but insufficient. Climate resilience saves lives, reduces poverty, addresses underlying inequalities and delivers economic returns.

Building climate resilience is not possible without climate adaptation and climate action. Accelerating climate adaptation equals making climate risks factoring and making those risks visible and responding to business decisions and government, supporting locally led transformation and mobilising finance for climate-resilient solutions.

TRST01 works to build resilience by advancing critical adaptation initiatives through digital transformation and making them available for Global consumption.

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