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MOU Jaipuria Institute of Management

22 November 2021  |  News & Media

TRST01 and Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore signed MOU to put the student transcripts and certificates on #BlockchainTRST01 cloud blockchain platform will enhance the credibility of certificates issued by Jaipuria Institute of Management and help all the stake holders verify the transcripts and certificates in a seamless manner.
We congratulate and appreciate the Jaipuria Institute of Management leadership team and Dr Prithvi Yadav for this initiative.

Student Journey calls for validation and verification of credentials for numerous occasion such as Job, Further studies, Employment Verification, Overseas Prospects etc. The duration to verify the certificate from the issuing authority takes longer lead times and also puts stress on the educational institute for the completion. Adding to it, another important issue furthering the delay process is with the tampering of certificates and fake documents submitted to these entities. 

Fake certificates are a big menace and certificate verification costs a lot of time and money for the recruiters and the genuine students get robbed of their opportunity because of applications with fake certificates.

In Pic Dr Prithvi Yadav,Director Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore and Pankaj Diwan, Chief Innovation Officer TRST01
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