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6 Feb 2022   |   Blockchain, Emerging Tech, Supply Chain, Traceability

Traceability systems have become increasingly important in recent years to help solve some serious issues across the industry surrounding food safety, food contamination and food fraud. The agricultural sector has been an early user and developer of provenance and traceability systems to demonstrate safety. Today, producers deploy various emerging technologies to develop and authenticate links between the end-user and primary producer.

TRST01 Platform: TRST01 blockchain-enabled traceability platform describes a digital platform that will gather verified data from the farm to the distribution chain to allow customers to trace the production process details until the sales have a quality and controlled product. The unified cloud blockchain platform ensures all data points in the supply chain are securely stored and accessed. TRST01 platform primary goal is to create traceability throughout the entire chain, from end to end, with transparency for the consumer as the main benefit.

Purpose of Mango Traceability 

Every choice of fruit would bring the best variety of mangoes at the height of freshness, flavour & nutrition. Establishing traceability technology (on the origin of mango, location of the plantation, harvested date, ripening methods followed, quality checks and transportation ) for different data/event points will help consumers get value for their money curb product mislabelling. The complete journey of fruit is made available to the consumers. This is especially relevant for all, as authenticity and source of origin are essential parameters in ensuring the correct value for producers and consumers..

Benefits of Mango Traceability:

Every type of mango suitable under its respective breed can now be traced back to its source by scanning the blockchain-enabled QR code on it. Consumers can scan with their smartphones, allowing them to track the product from the farm to the retail shelf. The traceability feature is the transparent mechanism to share sustainable and ethical agriculture practices of the farmers and create operational efficiency in the entire supply chain management. This also leads to creating an important aspect of Social Impact on various stakeholders, recorded and formulated or shared in association with the product. The transparency and traceability network created with a particular breed of mangoes helps make a better market for farmers and create a brand of trust and customer satisfaction.

TRST01 Solutions are tailor-made to suit your requirement. The solution works on API calls or is made exclusive for your business requirement. 

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Need of Blockchain-enabled Technology platform

Establishing traceability for original mangoes will help consumers get value for their money and curb product falsification and mislabelling.

Research suggests that, in relation to the Agri traceability (food and seed) criteria, immutability and decentralization of data using blockchain significantly alleviates issues concerning certification, fraud, and transparency throughout the supply chain and the use of standard data elements. And subsequently, the platform helps generate Unique Hash integrated QR codes for the Mango box. The collected information gets updated in the blockchain platform in real-time, which can be monitored and shared among various stakeholders. 

To be Noted: 

  • Trust, Transparency and Traceability collaborative blockchain-enabled platform is considered an added value to the products.
  • Trust, Transparency and Traceability collaborative blockchain-enabled platform will enhance local producers and ensure that customers get high and best quality products.
  • Trust, Transparency and Traceability collaborative blockchain platform will allow producers to conform to the local and international safety standards for traceability.

TRST01 collaborative blockchain technology platform, generates greater user experience that give the shopper access to product and traceability information. write to us

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