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GreenTatwa Adapts Blockchain Traceability powered by TRST01

29th Dec 2021  |  News & Media

GreenTatwa Agritech adopted the TRST01 Blockchain-enabled Traceability solution for their pesticide-free “Sudhanya” Product range, which includes 100 % pesticide-free and Greentatwa sources; these products are from approved monitored verified Agriprenuers. TRST01 has worked with multiple teams mapping their value chain across various groups Greentatwa team, Fulfilment centre, Agriprenuers, to give the end consumer cent per cent transparent and authentic data on the Product purchased. In the next phase, TRST01 and Greentatwa will aim to bring in the last mile traceability inclusive of the secondary networks of the supermarkets and commerce chains.


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