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Donatekart Adopts Blockchain Technology

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Donatekart Adopts Blockchain Technology; Aims to Bring Transparency in Distribution of Meals in India

02 September 2021  |  News & Media

In an innovative move, India’s leading and one of the most trusted online crowdfunding platforms, Donatekart, has decided to use the blockchain technology to bring about transparency in food distribution and to fulfill the national dream of #ZeroHunger. The tech platform is developed by TRST01 (TrayamBhu Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.), a Blockchain-Cloud technology company based out of Hyderabad.

Since 2016, Donatekart has been working towards ending hunger. The organization has successfully distributed over 15 million meals in 93 locations through over 300 campaigns along with partner NGOs.

With the help of Blockchain technology to trace hunger and by authenticating the delivery of impact; Donatekart, in its first-of-its-kind program in the world, aims to bring transparency in initiatives related to hunger.

Anil Kumar Reddy, CEO & Co-founder, Donatekart said, “We have plans to deploy a large-scale technology intervention for ending hunger in India. We feel that the blockchain solution implemented on the top of on-ground low-cost distribution systems will be able to address major issues causing poverty. Not only will it track hunger/demand but it will also provide the data which is vital for better planning and distribution systems for the last mile impact.”

“In coming years, we have plans to set up Blockchain monitored cloud kitchen and end-to-end Supply chain solutions to trace nutrition level data of meals and for process optimization, cost-quality control and make food more affordable,” Anil added.

Donatekart has also developed a platform to trace the cooked meal distribution and reporting. This platform is being tested at two relief work food distribution events, at present.

A universal Mobile app is in the making for reporting of on-ground relief work conducted by NGOs. The data will be verified on the Blockchain platform and be made available publicly, to not only donors but anyone who wants to verify the information.

According to a recent UN report, over 189 million people in India are undernourished. 4 out of 10 children do not meet the full human potential. With 19-34% of people below poverty line in India are eating less than 2 meals a day and the poor spending over 50 % of their income on a basic necessity like food, the situation is grim in our country. Needless to say, the pandemic has made things worse – 53-77% of people below poverty line are eating less than before.

Donatekart envisions India to be a country where all women, men and children are nourished, so that everyone is able to reach their full potential of healthy life. By making food available, accessible and in adequate quantities, they seek to contribute to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as to the global framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which ambitiously seeks to end all forms of hunger by 2030.

Blockchain technology have been in the news for usage by crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. This technology is also being used by several Public Sector, Private Sector and foreign banks in India due to its benefit of being quick, transparent and easily traceability.

Donatekart is the most trusted and transparent crowdfunding platform in the country. It allows people from across the globe to raise funds for the products required by NGOs and charitable organisations in India, which are then delivered to them by the Donatekart team.

Donatekart has gained trust of over 5 lakh unique donors and benefited over 1000 NGOs in the country. Till date team Donatekart has managed to raise Rs. 100 crore worth donations through the platform.

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