Climate Awakening and Web3

13th Jan 2023

Prabir Mishra , TRST01

Climate change is one of humanity’s most pressing issues and has exceeded Corporate obligations. NOW is the time to define Personal commitment—the importance of collective action in tackling natural challenges and climate change. Climate Awakening is a growing awareness and concern among people, institutions, and governments about the impacts of climate change and the urgent need to take action.

TIME for “Carbon Conscious” living. And be more conscious about reducing pollution, protecting wildlife, conserving natural resources and taking actions to help slow the rate of climate change. Knowing our Carbon footprint will help us slow down climate change. 

Web3 technologies, such as blockchain and decentralized networks, can play a vital role in the Climate Awakening movement. Blockchain technologies provide ways to track, verify, and incentivize sustainable behaviours and practices. Blockchain technology offers transparency and immutability to tracking carbon emissions, energy use, and other environmental impact metrics. This allows for better duty and proof of carbon offset credits and can be used to encourage sustainable practices by institutions and people.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) and Regenerative Finance (ReFi) also fund renewable energy projects and provide a way for people to invest in and support sustainable solutions. For instance, green bonds are tokenized on the blockchain, making them more accessible and transparent.

Both Web 2 and Web 3 technologies have the potential to support climate action by providing new tools for creating awareness, transparency, trust, and onus in environmental impact tracking and mitigation.

TRST01 Technology Intervention to address the climate challenges.

TRST01 empowers Climate Stakeholders to become integral contributors to the fight against climate change. TRST01’s innovative dMRV(Digital Measurement, Reporting, Verification) on web2 (applications) and web3 (on-chain)competence create discoverable opportunities for Real-World Climate Actions.
We address the more significant global challenges on Real World Climate Action, ensuring trust, transparency and traceability using Blockchain Technology.
Envisioning and executing a zero-carbon future requires knowledge that the timeline for addressing climate change continues to be a moving target. Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) in May 2022 “warns that despite steady growth in climate finance, it is nowhere near enough to mitigate climate change. CPI has estimated that the World needs to invest at least US$4.5 trillion to US$5 trillion annually by 2030, a staggering rise of 590%, to tackle the most damaging aspects of climate change.
We also partner with green blockchain technologies and solutions that can help identify these resources and contribute notably to changing the dynamic of who is responsible for financing the necessary changes for a zero-carbon future.

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