GREENTATWA and Blockchain Traceability

Greentatwa Agri-Tech, an Agri based start-up, aims to invest in education and technology for farmers across the country to ensure high-quality, sustainable, and profitable business structures. “Sudhaanya” means the purest of the pure grains. It is a brand created to cater to a community of consumers who care about their health and well-being and, in return, care to support the farmers putting their best efforts to produce chemical-free food. All Sudhaanya Products are naturally grown by their farmer community who adopts the best natural farming practices, and ensure no pesticides and chemicals are used during cultivation. Products are processed, packaged, and delivered using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that the quality is retained till it is delivered.

Traceability implementation through Blockchain
TRST01 partnered with Greentawta and provided the solution to address the concerns covering the three crucial elements Trust, Transparency and Traceability. This information will be accessible and available to all the participants (customers), and data will be immutable, creating a single source of truth. TRST01’s blockchain solution sorts out the biggest problem in this sector surrounding last-mile transparency.
TRST01 Blockchain platform maps the complete value chain from the Agriprenuers. It integrates their inventory management system and farmer practice package from third-party software to capture all the relevant data. TRST01 uses API tools for data interaction and push the data securely to Blockchain. 

TRST01 core mantra is on Trust, Transparency, and Traceability. TRST01 primary responsibility is to create business value through enhanced trust and reduced risk across the value chain. The strive is always towards adding value to people’s lives by creating impact-driven solutions. 

Benefits provided with Blockchain Technology:

Transparency: Blockchain can be beneficial in the agricultural sector as it can provide the complete history of the product, improve customer trust, and provide fairer payments to all parties. The issues around chemical residue-free/organic labelling, certification fraud, and concerns around the transparency of the nutritional food information can be avoided using Blockchain technology.

Trust: Digitalizing the process helps implement the traceability system with Blockchain, adequate for a safer supply chain. Blockchain is entirely trustworthy because the entries made in the distributed ledger are permanent and immutable, and it is not possible to change or forge any information. 

Traceability: Blockchain helps provide the live status of the product to the customer, ensuring safer transactions and, in time, will build the customer’s trust. Blockchain technology creates transparency for all the participants and will strengthen the relationship with current participants and attract more customers to use this technology.

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