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Case Study CSR and Blockchain DonateKart

03  December  2021

A considerable amount of data gets generated in the donation sector, such as information about donations, transactions, and donors. In most cases, there’s a lack of transparency to how much donated funds go to overhead vs helping a cause, Especially when concerning rapid disaster relief—where funds can quickly disappear or fall to wasteful spending with faulty oversight. Introducing Blockchain to trace and verify donations would alleviate suspicions around misuse of funds. Putting all these public transactions on the Blockchain makes the records transparent, immutable, and easily trackable, reinforcing the belief or TRUST. 

India’s leading and one of the most trusted online crowdfunding platforms, Donatekart, has decided to use blockchain technology to bring about transparency in food distribution and fulfil the national dream of #ZeroHunger. With the help of Blockchain technology to trace hunger and authenticate the delivery of impact, Donatekart, in its first-of-its-kind program globally, aims to bring transparency in initiatives related to hunger.

Blockchain is a feasible solution for every event of the entire donation process, to be traced through by marking each of the ‘Critical Data Elements’ such as donation updates (i.e., when, where, donation volumes, list of targeted receivers, etc.). Blockchain also allows all parties or related stakeholders such as suppliers, charity organizations to monitor the progress of each use case or project of donations. Any occurring events would be updated/ informed to all related parties to ensure transparency and trust over the donation network.

TRST01 Platform Approach:

TrayamBhu Tech Solutions has been accelerating the clients’ transition to the digital era with its diligently developed platform called TRST01. The platform integrated with robust technologies to offer solutions Track & Trace, Document Authentication, Smart contract and Supply Chain Management.

 “TRST01″ solutions are client-specific and tailored-made, wherein our focus has always been on the connectedness of various systems in industry and not attempting to solve this by uniformity. It’s not about one size fits all. Still, it’s all about the potential of interoperability that TrayamBhu brings forth through its blockchain platform,” says Prabir Mishra, Founder of TrayamBhu Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

TRST01 Blockchain platform tries to integrate with the existential ERP/ software for placing the primary information of a product journey on the blockchain platform and relevant scan copies of the original document. TRST01 Blockchain QR engine generates a QR code for each document or product validation. An event gets recorded for every update/ change in the further process. When a user wants to verify the original document/product packaging scan copy, the user can scan a blockchain-enabled QR Code. The user gets redirected to the TRST01 landing page with primary event details and relevant scan copies of original documents for event validation.

TRST01 Pillars of Value Addition:

• Transparency: Data stored on the Blockchain is available to all approved participants – creating a single source of truth 

• Trust: Data are linked among tamper-proof blocks enabling trust between participants who don’t need to know one another

• Auditability: Data on the Blockchain is everlasting and difficult to change – creating an extensive audit trail

Product: “TraceCharity”

TRST01′ TraceCharity’ helps validate the entire platform constituting NGO and Corporates participation, mainly to trace and authenticate the delivery of social impact. It subsequently helps in reinforcing trust among the donor community and facilitating them for repeat charitable service. It also helps in ensuring complete transparency to the charitable network and focusing on the last mile with proof of donation made with a systematic recording of time, date, location and capturing of images.

Role of Blockchain Solution

Blockchain bridges the gap between consumers and businesses. When it comes to practically implementing digital solutions through the feature of Time Stamp; Immutability; Real-time data capture.

In addition to delivering simplified, secure transactions with an immutable record, blockchain technology provide stakeholder confidence in the authenticity of critical materials.

• Blockchain transparency helps in carefully documenting a product’s journey from its point of origin to all its suppliers.

• The blockchain network can take in any participants of the supply chain network

• Blockchain immutability will ensure that all the records in the chain are authentic and free of bias, and the whole supply chain process will be more transparent and safer. 

TRST01 Solution: 

TRST01 platform securely transfers the data to the permitted blockchain network and generates the unique QR code. Donate Kart team prints the QR code on a sticker using the Bluetooth printer or similar printer device. Donate Kart team will paste the QR code on the meal boxes before distribution. A set of QR codes is printed as a batch per donation.

When an end-user scans the QR code, the control will lead to the browser that opens the landing page to display the Blockchain verified information on the browser landing page. TRST01 platform will also count each delivery and publish it on a real-time dashboard for a public display to maintain transparency. 

The proposed solution has five components.

A. To develop a web screen to upload the excel data. Alternatively, the TRST01 team can remotely write a script to get the excel integrated into the TRST01 platform. 

B. Landing page design to showcase the doner details to the user who is scanning the QR code.

C. Printing of batch QR codes using the portable device. It is Donate Kart responsibility to get a suitable device. 

D. A generic QR code to connect the Batch ID (donation) and delivery of meal packets to the beneficiaries. The delivery team will scan the generic QR code using the mobile app and enter the details to update the delivery details to the TRST01 team.

E. Real-time dashboard to project the deliveries and relevant information on the web page to the public to maintain transparency. 

TRST01 Benefits: 

TRST01 is different from its peers in the following ways

• Blockchain Cloud platform connected with best-in-class Blockchain protocols connected with multiple public & private blockchain platforms.

• Developed on Microservices architecture, highly scalable to handle many unique QR and verification requests.

• TRST01 platform does not store any data in its platform. It uses the metadata of the identified vital parameters.

• TRST01 supports quick implementation. It’s ready to use templates with specified data parameters to generate instant API for integration.

TRST01 approach identified in Project Implementation:

• Responsive TRST01 Landing page design

• Integration of TRST01 platform with existential ERP/software. 

• Integration of TRST01 Blockchain QR engine with existential ERP/software

• Identify event points and create an event table

• Payment gateway integration with TRST01 Landing web page

• Bringing the data and relevant document

Company Profile 

About Donate Kart:

Donate Kart is India’s most trusted and transparent crowdfunding platform with a vision to create social impact. Their company model allows people across the globe to donate towards raising funds for products required by NGOs and charities in India which are delivered to them by the company itself. DonateKart was started with a vision to motivate more individuals to give back to society. DonateKart works on a unique model where Donors can pay for the supplies needed to a charity that gets delivered to NGOs’ doorstep. The platform also provides accountability to donors by sharing financial information and direct project results in real-time. 

About TRST01:

TrayamBhu Tech Solutions Pvt. Limited is a Blockchain-technology company that uses emerging technologies to address Industry Pain points on Trust, Transparency and Traceability. Its unique technology platform TRST01 create pure technology dominance among products and services to address the newer challenges in New Normal, Industries 4.0 and Digital Transformation. The focus is to cater to diverse industry issues by delivering Blockchain Solutions suitable to business requirements. The core mantra is on Trust, Transparency, and Traceability, perceived as the ultimate value driver. The primary responsibility is to create business value through enhanced trust and reduced risk across the value chain. The strive is always towards adding value to people’s lives by creating impact-driven solutions. 


The TRST01 collaborative blockchain platform’s most attractive feature is that it enables high visibility and traceability among transactions, allowing users to track donations throughout the supply chain from the beginning to the end and verify where their funds went. It allows for automatic verification of where money gets spent. The Blockchain traceability and verification features are one of our TRST01 platform’s greatest assets, as it benefits and helps each side involved verify what the others are doing. Therefore, it showcases that breakthrough technologies such as Blockchain can still provide novel and unconventional solutions to the significant social challenges of the present period. 

Customer Quotes:

Anil Kumar Reddy, CEO & Co-founder, Donatekart, said, “We have plans to deploy a large-scale technology intervention for ending hunger in India. We feel that the blockchain solution implemented on top of on-ground low-cost distribution systems will address major issues causing poverty. Not only will it track hunger/demand, but it will also provide the data which is vital for better planning and distribution systems for the last mile impact.”

On the Futuristic Outlook, “In coming years, we have plans to set up Blockchain monitored cloud kitchen and end-to-end Supply chain solutions to trace nutrition level data of meals and for process optimization, cost-quality control and make food more affordable,” Anil added.

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