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Blockchain Milk Traceability

9 October 2021  |  Blockchain, Supply Chain, Traceability
TRUST, TRANSPARENCY and TRACEABILITY have become essential chores for the Agri and Food industry. The entire framework has emerged as one of the critical measures of operational efficiencies within any supply chain to achieve targeted food security. The driving factor of volatility in the dairy industry is that the quantity and quality of Milk produced over time cannot be guaranteed. Enterprises, government agencies, and various other stakeholders continuously ensure standard parameters in milk production and its related products. Milk has long been considered a wholesome food. Though known for its richness in calcium and thus being essential for bones, Milk also contains more than nine other vital nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. The main steps include

Quality parameters of Milk (Compositional and Natural)

When we buy Milk, many quality parameters (in terms of consumer acceptance) come to our minds either directly or indirectly. For example, the property of Milk in terms of its composition, microbial load, freshness is a group of quality parameters. Another set of quality parameters may be the effect on the environment, ethics, ecology, etc. All these quality parameters affect our acceptability or otherwise for the Milk and its related products.

TRST01 platform

The blockchain-enabled traceability platform will help Agri value chains (including the dairy sector) trace food origin and chain of custody and monitor ethical and sustainable practices used in growing food, among others. The Blockchain-based end-to-end traceability platform is going to be the most critical technology to ensure food safety. This would provide food businesses, regulatory bodies and consumers all the information they need to ensure food safety (which augments the complete transformation of the food ecosystem). The inclusion of traceability in the purview of food production and distribution has proven beneficial for all stakeholders. Consumers are now free from the limited information provided by conventional labelling models and gain deeper insights about the product, such as production and handling methods, amongst others. The rise in the volume and quality of information has worked wondrously in promoting buyer trust and dependability.

TRST01 platform is also easily scalable to handle such volumes of data and transactions. By streaming the collated data to the hosted blockchain, the team could enable and provide processors, transporters and consumers with the necessary trace of their product. This allows a fairer and more transparent dairy value chain, directly aligned with the vision for an optimised dairy supply chain – spanning milk production, procurement and cold chain logistics resulting in more sustainable and efficient dairy industry.

Consumer Viewpoint

On being implemented, if one enters the supermarket and notices that some milk brands incorporate a QR code on their packaging. Curious about it, and upon scanning and reading through the phone, it redirects to a webpage where one can see all the information contained and recorded within the blockchain. All this, in its entirety, facilitates the buyers to get answers to questions that, as a conscious customer, might have a significant impact on the purchasing choices.


Convinced that the future of the agri-food industry is focused on total transparency from the field to the shelf, and Milk is a perishable product and without a long shelf life. There remain only two alternatives for this product: either consume or process it, OR it turns to waste. Therefore, TRST01 wants to be at the forefront of developing food quality and safety standards across the supply chain with the help of Blockchain technology, which certainly can transform the industrial landscape and provide more excellent value to the customers and consumers.

By Prateek Bebortha, TRST01


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