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We are committed to sustaining our planet and fostering economic growth by democratizing resource access and ensuring equitable distribution. Operating in nine countries, we focus on sustainable supply chain practices for commodities like rubber, cocoa, coffee, and oil palm. Our innovative approach balances People, Planet, and Prosperity, setting new sustainability standards and positively impacting local communities and the global environment.

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Our AI and blockchain automation tool helps organizations track ESG impact, promoting social responsibility and growth. Footprint Enterprise is for large corporates, while Footprint Light suits SMEs, optimizing sustainability across all scale

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TRST01Chain: Your EUDR Compliance Ally for Sustainable Commodity Production. Empowering growers in Rubber, Coffee, and Cocoa sectors, it transforms digital traceability into a tangible sustainability and compliance narrative, benefiting the entire supply chain ecosystem

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dMRV Solution

dMRV Solution: Bridging Web2 and Web3 for Real-Time Climate Action Measurement. Combining Methane reduction, Miyawaki forestry, Bio-gas projects, and LED streetlights, it integrates sustainability practices for a powerful and measurable environmental impact

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Sustainable Indian Coffee: A EUDR Perspective

Sustainable Indian Coffee: A EUDR Perspective

November 10, 2023

TRST01Chain revolutionizes the Indian coffee industry by ensuring EUDR compliance, traceability, and sustainability, enhancing market access and positioning for growers, and aligning with global eco-friendly practices.

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Climate Tech and SDGs: Unlocking Potential

Climate Tech and SDGs: Unlocking Potential

October 21, 2023

Aligning climate tech with SDGs accelerates progress, enhances impact, and promotes collaboration. Identifying priorities, directing investments, and sharing knowledge fosters holistic sustainability and meaningful change

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Through our regenerative agriculture project, we’ve positively impacted 120,000 farmers in Telangana, India, and traced 149,000 hectares of rubber and coffee plantations in Southeast Asia in 2023. Our goal is to reach 10 million farmers in the next three years, equipping them for sustainable agriculture and enabling them to make a positive environmental impact from the ground up.

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