Decarbonisation, Digitisation, Decentralisation

IPCC AR 6 identified digitalisation as one of the reasons to expect a fast energy transition. It cited it as one of three megatrends that are transforming the delivery of services in innovative ways. Emerging digital technologies, such as distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and blockchain, have the potential to unlock and accelerate global actions toward the Paris Agreement and the SDGs.

COP 27 ESG and BRSR India

Egypt is hosting the UN Climate Summit COP 27 from November 6 to November 18, 2022, in Sharm El Sheikh, with financing for climate change mitigation and adaptation high on the agenda.

According to the International Monetary (IMF) Fund, the investor appetite for sustainable finance incorporating ESG principles has mainly concentrated in advanced economies, but emerging markets reported a surge last year.

My Carbon Guilt

While realizing the climate system, we must recognize that we are not dealing with something tangible. Climate is not to be seen outside the window; the climate is not the weather, and it is a collection of data and patterns in a statistical construct.

Can I be blamed for climate change? As an individual, do I contribute to this? As an Individual, can I do something to reduce my carbon footprint?

The Tech Talk

Whether Technology Evolution fueling Human Evolution or Vice versa? It seems both of the statements are correct. Technology aids our belief, enabling Trust and helping us make quicker thoughtful decisions.

Technology cannot be an “exclusive” tagging and monopoly for a few classes, and Technology should aid Humanity and create a more meaningful life for everyone. Hence Technology for all.

Plastic Credits – a Transitionary Tool to Offset Plastic Footprint

EcoEx and TRST01 have partnered with a purpose to create the world’s first Decentralized, Blockchain, Credible plastic credit system based on the tenets of Trust, Transparency and Traceability. Plastic credits are measurable, verifiable, and transferable units representing a specific quantity of plastic collected from the environment or recycled.

Earth Day Special: This Indian NFT will help you offset carbon footprint…

News & Media New Normal, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 Trust | Transparency | Traceability TRS01 Launch India’s First Carbon Offset NFT 24 April 2022  |  News & Media Hyderabad-based TRST01 Blockchain has announced the listing of ‘Bhu’ NFT, which is ’Made in India’ and the country’s first real world carbon offset non-fungible token, on OpenSea […]

Blockchain in Greentech

News & Media Climate | Agriculture | Food Trust | Transparency | Traceability Blockchain in Greentech 23 March 20221  |  Blockchain | Greenwich | Climate change  It is going Green and becoming more sustainable in an effective way. It may not be easy, but the challenge is well worth the reward. At present digital technology […]

Earth Day Special: This Indian NFT will help you offset carbon footprint…..

News & Media New Normal, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 Trust | Transparency | Traceability TRST01 Secures Seed Round from Octave Ventures and from Top Tech Leaders 9 Feb 2022  |  News & Media The Seed Funding Round was led by Octave Ventures a US based private equity firm Over Fifteen India and Global enterprises have […]