Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management and Blockchain

Emerging technologies are providing promising opportunities for breakthroughs across the supply chain. Blockchain in the supply chain can improve transparency and traceability and build costs efficiencies.

A blockchain supply chain helps participants record data on date, location, quality, certification, and other relevant information to manage the supply chain effectively.

Blockchain is replacing slow, manual processes. Although supply chains can handle large, complex data sets, many of their operations, especially those in the lower supply tiers, are slow and rely entirely on paper. 

Strengthening traceability Increasing regulatory and consumer demand for provenance information is already driving change. Simplifying a complex supply base offers further value-creation opportunities.

Quicker dispute resolutions through Blockchain, Smart contact ensure faster dispute resolutions and facilitate a quicker and transparent product recall process in case of product quality issues or product failures.

Easier recalls in case of product failure mitigate the high costs of quality problems, such as recalls, reputational damage, or the loss of revenue from black- or grey-market products. 

TRST01 Use Case Supply Chain Public Distribution and Blockchain

PDS is one of the most significant welfare programmes of the central administration, helping farmers sell their produce at remunerative prices and the lower sections of society to buy food grains at affordable rates. India’s Public Distribution System (PDS) is one of the most extensive food distribution programs globally, as It distributes over 19 million tons of rice and wheat to around 27 million citizens of the nation. India’s population had increased from 1,210 million in 2011 to an estimated 1,371 million in 2020. As per estimation, 67% of 1,371 million, or 921 millionpeople, should be covered by the PDS. But the number covered continues to be 813 million, implying that at least 108 million

TRST01 Use Cases Supply Chain

November 24, 2022Blockchain, Climate Change, Cop 27, Emerging Tech

Decarbonisation, Digitisation, Decentralisation

IPCC AR 6 identified digitalisation as one of the reasons to expect a fast energy transition. It cited it as one of three megatrends that are transforming the delivery of services in innovative ways. Emerging digital technologies, such as distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and blockchain, have the potential to unlock and accelerate global actions toward the Paris Agreement and the SDGs.

November 4, 2022Cop 27

COP 27 ESG and BRSR India

Egypt is hosting the UN Climate Summit COP 27 from November 6 to November 18, 2022, in Sharm El Sheikh, with financing for climate change mitigation and adaptation high on the agenda.

According to the International Monetary (IMF) Fund, the investor appetite for sustainable finance incorporating ESG principles has mainly concentrated in advanced economies, but emerging markets reported a surge last year.

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Benefits of Supply Chain Management and Blockchain Technology



Blockchain provides a full audit trial of data, creating and everlasting means of record keeping along a supply chain



All blockchain transactions are timestamped and tamper-proof, providing a single source of data integrity.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Smart contract enables faster dispute resolution.

Distributed Data

Distributed Data

Smooth information sharing across participating stakeholders through blockchains.


TRST01 rebuild the supply chains by providing partners and consumers with trusted data with complete value chain traceability functionality. Technology interactions and interfaces help connect producers and consumers with various actors in the value chain, subsequently building transparency and trust in the ecosystem.

Supply Chain Management Use-Cases

Food Industry

Trust, traceability, and transparency of the supply chain are vital to ensure food safety standards.

Industry 4.0

The use of Blockchain among various industrial sectors is prominent since the raw material is received and transformed into the final product suitable for use or consumption.

Public Distribution

The application of Blockchain in the Public Distribution System improves efficiencies, Stop misappropriation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Blockchain ensures complete traceability, and transparency prevails in process


Trust, Traceability, and Transparency are increasingly becoming important as consumers become more aware and vigil on their consumption/usage pattern. Over the last couple of years, the SCM has necessitated new information dynamics

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