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We’re dedicated to a sustainable planet and economic prosperity, rooted in democratization and equal resource access. Our vision of a fairer future is bolstered by our innovation, seamlessly connecting People, Planet, and Prosperity

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Complete supply chain traceability management allowing businesses to easily track and monitor the journey of their product in real-time. Our solution aids in the rapid detection of delays and frauds and enables immediate recall of defective products, thus protecting businesses from losses and enhancing operational efficiency.


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Assists organizations in monitoring, measuring, analysing, reporting, and scoring their environmental, social and governance impact thus promoting social responsibility and fostering economic growth. The automation tool incorporates AI and blockchain technologies, ensuring a positive triple bottom line impact.


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dMRV Solution

Project dMRV integrates Web2 and Web3 functionalities to enable real-time climate action through robust carbon offsetting initiatives such as Methane reduction in paddy fields, Miyawaki forestry programs, Bio-gas projects, and energy-saving  LED streetlights. This solution streamlines sustainability practices for a measurable and effective environmental impact.

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Climate Action & Web 3

TRST01 Impact

Through our regenerative agriculture project Varri, we have positively impacted the lives of more than 120,000 farmers in Telangana in 2023. We aim to reach 10 million farmers in the next three years, equipping them with the right tools and technology for sustainable and more productive paddy cultivation methods. Our project not only works towards enhancing the farmer and local community’s livelihood but we also enable them to contribute to a better planet by making a difference from the bottom of the pyramid.

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