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Genesis by TRST01 DIY your Blockchain Traceability

31 Aug 2022  |  News & Media

Welcome to Genesis By TRST01, an Innovative platform to Design It Yourself; your Blockchain Traceability, just in a few steps, be it your Product, your Supply Chain, or your Service module. 

Oxford dictionary defines Genesis as the origin or mode of formation of something. For TRST01, the word “Genesis” connects the nascency and the roots. Genesis is Cool and Simple to use, and it’s as elementary as ABCD. Authenticate Yourself, Define your Identity, and define your business goal. The next step is to Design your Business Flow. You may use our simple drag-and-drop tools to describe your business flow, or you can upload your document detailing the flow. The third step is to Define Your Change of State for the data on Blockchain. (Change of state a point when the Product value gets added, e.g. Recipe Mix, Quality check approval, Final Inspection). The next step is the Demonstration of your Blockchain traceability for your Product or Supply Chain. 

Launching soon..

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