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30 November 2021     

There is a bit of Technology in everyone’s life. From morning “waking up” alarm through the night “helping in sleep.” Human identity is getting redefined through Technology. Also, to a greater extent, Human Consciousness is getting redefined through Technology. Your wristwatch is alerting you to do that extra bit of exercise to keep yourself fit. A simple QR code helps you to identify the source of your food. Technology allows us to remain connected with our near and dear.

Technology fuels your imagination helps you in your next level of innovation. It is just the way we adapt it to make use of it.

Whether Technology Evolution is fueling Human Evolution or Vice versa? It seems both of the statements are correct. Technology aids our belief, enabling Trust, helping us in quicker, thoughtful decision making. Technology cannot be an “exclusive” tagging and monopoly for a few classes. Technology should aid Humanity, create a more meaningful life for everyone. Hence Technology for all.

Today, TRST01 works with its partners to discover new ways to use Blockchain Technology as a tool to empower the bottom of the Pyramid in society. We in TRST01 enable Technology for farmers to safeguard against counterfeit input, be it seed, fertilizer or pesticides. Our Technology brings back the Trust in Public goods, bringing back transparency in the public distribution system. Our Technology-enabling farmers’ fresh produce to reach the consumer with the elements of Trust, with a transparent supply chain, thus making a win-win proposition for producer and consumer. The food we consume, we have all the rights to know the source TRST01 blockchain technology enables Trust and Transparency in the food value chain. We envision Technology for All and Empower All. We partner with Farmer Communities, Nonprofits, Educational institutions, Corporations, Govt. Institutions and Foundations in our technology journey.

As we work together, we create Educational, Economic, and personal opportunities for our stakeholders and the communities in which they live.

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